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Pti koi are two pandas from the opposite sex.
Pti koi are two pandas, one yellow and one blue.
P'ti Koi’s nose is heart-shaped.
The P'ti Koi are guinea pigs.
The exact name is PtiKaoiz.
The challenge has to take place in one month.
The call for donation is to fund a football ground.
La somme souhaitée pour relever ce défi est 50000 roupies.
La ville de New York fait partie du défi P'ti Koi...
Il y'a 2 manières de faire un don à P'ti Koi.

The P'ti Koi are indeed two pandas of the opposite sex.

The P'ti Koi pandas are "black and white" colored but can be colored according to their moods.

P'ti Koi’s nose is indeed heart-shaped.

The P'ti Koi are pandas.

The exact name is P'ti Koi; it can be written or P'ti Koi P'tikoi.

Up the challenge is in 100 days.

The call for donation is to fund shop treats (candy, chocolate, etc. ..)

The amount required to meet the challenge is about 100 000 euros.

The city of New York is not part of the challenge P'ti Koi.

There are 2 ways to donate to P'ti Koi: (Paypal & check).
Also feel free to talk about P'ti Koi around you, to your friends, your family, and so on ...