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It's a pretty unique way to fund my business.

P'tiKoi is the name of two characters, two male and female associated with the world of sweets (candy - chocolate) pandas.
They're cute, they're funny always cheerful, sometimes pranksters, they love sweets and munch life full tooth.

Treats are a great way of expression and since my childhood I'm a big fan of all kinds of candy (gummy, dragibus, caramel marshmallows etc ...) and I would like to join the P'ti Koi brand to the world of bonbon- chocolate.

I would like to open the first store in P'ti Koi IDF, if possible in Paris, then in the following cities: New York, London, Berlin, Rome, Tokyo

The money is mainly for the company P'ti Koi. But 10% of every donation will go to a charity for children.

This idea came to me naturally when studying the world of candy, I said we had a character that represents the child that is inside every individual staying in the theme of childhood. The panda is synonymous with strength and wisdom. I find that this animal represents the values that I want to convey the values of the company.

Strength, wisdom, solidarity, quality, innovation, dynamism and human values.

When the project started, there was a single character, but by advancing the project, two characters were adequate to represent men and women; the P’tit boy and the p’tite girl, that everyone will identify with these characters.

In the early, the name was Kip Croq which means "take and crunches," and in relation to my initial KC. Then the idea came from the team around me; why not call them P'ti Koi, they are soft, they are cute, they are you LOL !!!