5 reasons for giving:

You take part a great project, which is the funding of a sweets "candies, chocolates" shop

No matter the amount of your donation, the key is to participate, just a p'ti nudge from you and everything will become possible for P'ti Koi.

You also do a good deed because with your gesture because 10% of your donation will support children (malnutrition, disease, assistance for children in need) through a state approved agency.

Your gesture is very strong and P'ti Koi will forever grateful to you, you also put your stone to the building.
You join the concept P'ti Koi "a shop of treats, sweets, self-service of chocolates with bright colors, tangy, a cheerful and friendly atmosphere where the P'ti Koi always smiling and in a good mood will be ready to welcome you, to make your day even more beautiful and make you taste good and beautiful delicacies."

An original and exceptional path, a great challenge for a beautiful and dynamic company.

Of course, you are invited to the opening of the store P'ti Koi, along with your donation you can receive a thank you gift based on your donation as "logo, t-shirts, mug, doudou, etc ... ". List of the gifts


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